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Everlasting Ink for the World

At Penoval, we provide revolutionary styluses that have been strictly tested beyond industry standards. We aim to drive the world’s transition to styluses.

Penoval will continue to provide the most durable and reliable digital tools for your touch-screen devices.

Why Penoval?

We have over 10 years of expertise in the field of active styluses and over 200 technology & design patents. At Penoval, we create more possibilities for your iPad, Chromebook, Microsoft Surface, and many more.

How's the Quality of Penoval Styluses?

All types of styluses are rigorously tested using industry standards for drop, durability, button, and temperature testing.

Product quality is our priority.

About Penoval

All our styluses come with a 1-year warranty and continuous customer support. We pride ourselves on premium quality products and impeccable customer support.


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