Collection: eiP

Looking for high-quality and affordable tablet accessories?Choose eiP for a winning combination of affordability and TOP quality.

The dedicated team at eiP consists of experienced iPad users who meticulously research and select top-notch products. While Apple's original accessories are known for their quality, why not save money and get similar-quality items?

The team is currently focused on developing lightweight bags suitable for all tablets and accessories for the Pixel Tablet.

What is eiP?

Established in 2023, eiP is committed to delivering top-quality accessories for iPads, Chromebooks, and other tablets

What does eiP stand for?

Essentials of Intelligent Products

What does eiP provide?

• Pencil Pro - Magnetic wireless charging, palm rejection, battery indicator

• Magnetic Keyboard Case - Magnetic stand, enhanced protection, 500hr longstand battery, multi-trackpad

• Magnetic Paperfeel Screen Protector - Paperfeel texture, flexible magnetic, anti-glare

• Nibs cover - non-slip and highly sensitive, elastic silicone, easy to install.