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Shortcut Guide for Stylus

Easy undo, redo, and switch between eraser and brush with shortcuts. Enhance productivity with your USI 2.0 Stylus.


How do I add new languages and switch between them?

Add new languages

Setting > System > Langueges > Sywstem Langueges > Add a languege

Switch between langueges

Press Control + Space

*The layout currently is only for US English.

How to adjust pointer speed?

Setting > System > Physical Keyboard > Pointer Speed

How to activate on-screen keyboard?

Setting > System > Physical Keyboard > Toggle "Use on-screen keyboard"

*The pixel tablet OS currently doesn't support this.

How to clean fingerprints off a keyboard?

Gently wipe the keyboard with a tissue moistened with a bit of alcohol, and the fingerprints will disappear.

How to deactivate the trackpad?

Press Fn + Space.

How to check the battery status of the keyboard?

Press Fn +Alt.
Check the number of times the light flashes at the bottom right corner of the keyboard.

  • Flash 4 times - 75-100%
  • Flash 3 times - 50-75%
  • Flash 2 times - 25-50%
  • Flash 1 time - Below 25%

How long before it goes into sleep mode?

After 5 minutes of idling.

Why is the keyboard not working?

  1. Check if the power button is on.
  2. Check if the battery is fully charged.
  3. Check if the keyboard has gone to sleep mode. If yes, press a key to wake it up.

If it’s still not working, please contact us.

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